Armenia – Yerevan, 19 – 23 August 2018

Haghpat to Yerevan – once again the road was bad with numerous road works until Sevan, after that it was a good 4 lane road to Yerevan.

Yerevan – capital of Armenia, a clean and modern city, no old town, lots of art works scattered around the city.

Art Gallery – very good. Museum – not many English translations and no photos. Blue Mosque – the only mosque in the country. Saint Gregory’s Cathedral.

Half day trip to the Khor Virap Monastery (interesting story) on my bike, its only about 45 km from the city on a good 4 lane road with a view of Ararat. From the Armenian side, Little Ararat or Mount Sis can be seen clearly, it is not as clear from the Turkish side. The monastery is on top of a small hill and is quite popular so expect to give your knees a workout on the climb up and be besieged by a bunch of screaming brats hahaha.


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