Turkey – Kars, 02 – 04 August 2018

Tatvan to Kars via Dogubayazit, first along the shores of Lake Van which is over 1,600 metres next past Mount Ararat, it really stands out among the other mountains and is visible from a long way off. After that a narrow bumpy 2 lane road on a high plateau with coloured mountains and amazing landscapes, all the way to Kars, absolutely brilliant ride.

Ride Elevation Graph

Kars – the main reason for coming here was to visit the Ani Ruins located 45 km east near the Armenian border. Not much else here and it rained every day.

Kars Museum, free entry, very small but well laid out and it has English translations.


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1 Response to Turkey – Kars, 02 – 04 August 2018

  1. Those mountains are something else!

    Regards, Simmi D. Isaac


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