Croatia – Dubrovnik, Cavtat 04 – 07 June 2018

The ride from Split to Dubrovnik on the D8 was as good as ever but busier with many small towns all of which offer accommodation for tourists. I had to pass through a sliver of Bosnia to get to Dubrovnik, short queue of cars, I had my passport and bike insurance ready, took my helmet and glasses off and the guy did not even open my passport just gave it back to me and waved me on hahaha, same for the Bosnia guy. Then a short ride through Bosnia and the town of Neum and the next border crossing back into Croatia, this time I got waved through both sides. They were checking the documents of people in cars not sure what the criteria is, maybe Bike riders are considered harmless.

Dubrovnik, the most popular tourist destination in Croatia and a UNESCO heritage site, millions of tourists and its not even peak season as yet. Generally speaking Croatia is one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe but Dubrovnik is the exception with prices being 3 t0 4 times more expensive than other parts of the country.

I stayed at a guesthouse above the old town and it was on a street that turned out to be a flight of stairs hahaha. All the horizontal streets are actual roads but the vertical streets in this area are all stairs and each house has a street number. Building the houses must have meant they carried all the materials down or up the stairs. There is a very good bus network with modern busses, cost 15 kuna a ride if you buy your ticket on the bus or 12 kuna if you buy it in advance at any small shop/kiosk. The main bus station for the old town is called Pile (Peelay).

Day trip to Cavtat by boat, picturesque little seaside town between two peninsulas shaped like a claw. The boat leaves from the Dubrovnik old town Harbour, 80 kuna return and takes about an hour each way with a couple of stops on the way. There is a pathway that goes right around the bigger arm of the claw with small beaches and cafes.

I took the cable car to the top of the mountain where there is a fort and inside the fort is the war museum, cost 150 kuna for the ride and 30 kuna for the musuem. Good views of Dubrovnik from the top, the museum is about the 1991 war when Serbia and Montenegro tried to capture Dubrovnik and damaged the city with cannon fire and bombs.

And finally I walked around the town on top of the Wall that surrounds it which is an unbroken pathway. As the wall follows the contours it goes up and down with many steps, knee punishment and I paid 150 kuna for this torture, you have been warned hahaha.



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