Israel, Acre, Haifa, Nazareth, Tiberias, 31 August – 06 September 2017

Bethlehem to Acre (Akko, Ako) is quite convoluted and requires multiple changes if you choose to make the whole journey by bus/train so I decided to take the easy way out. The easy way was to take a special taxi that is allowed to cross the border between Palestine and Israel without being stopped through a special border crossing, from my hotel directly to the Jerusalem train station. The taxi driver got very nervous when I took a picture of the border crossing from a distance saying that if I was seen they would delete all the pictures from my camera. Cost 120 shekels or US$34 for the 20 min journey. Ticket to Acre 50 shekels, with one change at Tel Aviv, left at 0915 and arrived in Acre at 1230, very easy and comfortable on the train. The train goes very slowly through the hills around Jerusalem and then speeds up for the last few kilometres to Tel Aviv, the rest of the journey is along the coast to Acre with views of the sea.

Walk to the Acre Promenade

The Citadel, this is quite a large complex which has been restored, you can buy a combined ticket to it and several other historic sites in Acre. Turkish Bath and Okashi Museum.

Treasures in the Fort Wall, Old Acre and a tunnel.

Haifa – The main attraction in this city is the Bahai Gardens which are very impressive, maintained by volunteers from around the world. The only way to see these gardens is on a free guided tour that starts at the top. You are allowed to take pictures from the bottom and then you take a bus to the top and join the tour walking down 700 steps to the half way point from where you exit the Gardens.

Nazareth – where Jesus grew up is mainly Arab and Christian.

Tiberias, very hot and humid. Sea of Galilee, where Jesus walked on water and performed many of his miracles.

Acre Prison, where Jewish and Arab rebels (freedom fighters) were held and executed by the British, now a museum.


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