Israel, Masada, 24 August 2017

Masada – This is where the Jewish rebels made their last stand against the Roman army in 73 AD. When all was lost they all committed suicide, men, women and children rather than become Roman slaves.

I took a bus from Jerusalem, the bus leaves from the main bus station, either bus 444 express bus (1:15 hrs) or the 486 which is more frequent and stops to pick up passengers at Kibbutz’s along the way. I took the 486 which is more interesting and takes 1:45 hrs. Buy your ticket from the driver on the bus, its cheaper if you buy a return ticket and have a RAV KAV card. This route takes you through the West Bank and there are two IDF check points when you enter and when you leave.

When you get off the bus you feel an instant blast of heat but soon get used to it. There is a cable car and a walking path to the top. The path was closed due to the hot weather. Cable car return ticket is NIS 74. There are toilets and free water coolers at the top so you only need to bring a bottle. A spectacular location.


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