France, Corsica, Corte, 20 – 21 July 2017

Sassari, Sardinia to Corte in Corsica. First stop out of Sassari was Castelsardo, a seaside town full of tourists for some pictures and then on to Santa Teresa Gallura which is where the ferry leaves for Bonifacio, Corsica. Good ride to the town where I arrived at 1200 and had lunch then to the tiny port at 1300, still 2 hours to go before departure at 1500. I bought my ticket online from Moby in advance for 48.35 euro which is quite expensive for a one hour journey. You can buy your ticket at the port and people were arriving to catch the ferry right upto when they started boarding at 1430.

Bonifacio – perched on a cliff, packed with tourists, took a few pictures from the top and rode along the coast which is very crowded with lots of traffic, not what I expected. Finally turned off the coast road for the last one third of the journey to Corte and from there it was a good ride through the mountains.

Corte – a fairly large town in the hills with a university campus, one main street with a few expensive cafe’s and not much else.


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