Italy, Messina, 04 – 05 July 2017

Sannicola to Messina – longest ride so far 520 km in 6.5 hrs and it included a ferry crossing from the mainland to Sicily (land of the Godfather). A large part along the coastline which is hard to escape in the boot of Italy considering its long and narrow shape. Mostly 4 lane roads with about 40% on the Autostrada but no tolls, in fact since I left Napoli there have been no tolls at all. There is a ferry every 40 min and it takes about 30 min to cross. You cannot buy tickets online, follow the signs and buy your ticket before you get to the port or there is a Ticket booth as you queue up to get on the ferry last chance to buy a ticket, very simple process cost 13 euro for me and motorcycle and you can pay with a credit card as you can for just about anything in Italy. I was waiting in the queue with the cars and a guy came up to me and told me to ride around them directly onto the ferry.

Messina – looks like it was once a rich city with some impressive buildings, parks and monuments but now they are all going to wrack and ruin, no maintenance and rubbish on the streets everywhere.


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