Italy, Rome, 16 – 19 June 2017

Rome – capital of Italy and once capital of the world, its history spans 2,500 years, population 4.3 million. Lots of things to see and do and therefore lots of tourists.

Interesting ride to Rome via the B roads, took a while getting through Florence and I went past the statue of David on top of the hill.

Public transport consists of 2 metro lines, trains, trams and busses. I bought a 7 day pass for E24 which covers all forms of transport. The metro lines are easy to navigate but the rest are not. I found an app that helps get from A to B, very useful, Citymapper.

Castel Sant’Angelo

St.Peter’s Square and Basilica



Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon


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2 Responses to Italy, Rome, 16 – 19 June 2017

  1. Great pics, Chris! We miss you terribly. We’re until the 3rd morning, and have lovely plan for doing things. I’m so in love with the ficus trees and the park across the street!

    Regards, Simmi D. Isaac


  2. Helen says:

    Fabulous pics Chris. Weather amazing at the moment. So adore Italy……..ahhhh, great pics mate, great times. 😀 H xx

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