Italy, La Spezia, 9 – 12 June 2017

Modena to La Spezia on the SS63, this is a biking road, lots of motorcyclists enjoying the curves and very little traffic as well. Going over a couple of passes at 1200m , cool in the mountains, good ride.

This area is famous for Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre which consists of 5 small villages built on cliffs overlooking the sea. There is a hiking trail from the first to the last village over some very hilly terrain, I took the train hahaha. The train runs through a tunnel emerging into the sunlight only at the stations. Very popular with tourists so the place is packed and I avoided the weekend and went on a Monday and this is not peak school holiday season. It has also now become a cruise ship destination as well which adds another 5000 people to the mix. The train runs from La Spezia to Levanto with the 5 villages in between. The complete journey only takes 30 min and there is a train about every 30 min, an all day ticket costs 16 euro.


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