Germany, Munich, 17 – 18 May 2017

The ride from Stuttgart was uneventful on the autobahn, fine weather if a bit windy and cold, Munich is at an altitude of 540m.

Marienplatz – the heart of Munich where all the tourists hang out. Public transport in Munich consists of the S Bahn (railway), U Bahn (Subway), Trams and Busses. The easiest way to get around is to buy a one or 3 day pass valid on all forms of transport. I bought a 3 day pass for 16.50 euro, a single ride costs 2.80.

BMW Welt – showcase for BMW products which now include the Mini and Rolls Royce, free to wander around. Tour of the BMW plant 9 euro, some sections are 99% staffed by robots, no photos allowed, the tour lasts 2 hours and you walk 3.5 km stairs included, come prepared, fascinating insight into modern car manufacturing.

BMW Museum – located across the street opposite the BMW Welt building.

Olympiaturm – The Olympic park complex is located across the road from BMW. I only went to the top of the tower, you can also go on guided tours of the whole place.



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