Netherlands, Germany, UK, 13 – 28 November 2016

13 Nov 2016 – The last stage of my journey, arrived back at Dusseldorf, then to Veghel in the Netherlands.

17 Nov 2016 – Train to Hamburg, spent the night at a hotel and early the next morning took the metro to the shipping agent. Completed the paperwork and paid their fees €462 in cash, bike was waiting for me in the warehouse, connected the battery, pushed the start button and it started HURRAY. Grey and drizzling, rode to Customs, had to leave my credit card with the agent, their guarantee that I did not leave without getting the bike cleared through Customs.  Not an easy place to find, went around in circles hahaha, no signs, they had a look at the bike and stamped a form, back to the shipping agent to give them a copy and retrieve my credit card. Left at 1035, cold 9c, had heated vest and gloves turned up to the max, fine weather now, good to be on my bike again, arrived back in Veghel at 1520.

24 Nov 2016 – Rode from Veghel to Hastings, almost on auto-pilot I have done this trip so many times, managed to avoid getting off at my nemesis exit going through Antwerp hahaha. Unusually long queue of cars waiting for the train under the Channel, fine and cold weather good ride.

Hastings – I tried to put my bike on the centre stand and it would not cooperate. After investigating I found that the bash plate had been bent by an impact with the something on the road and was blocking the centre stand so I removed it, have to figure out a solution when I return.

28 Nov 2016 – Flight back to Perth


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