USA, New York, 21 – 26 October 2016

I travelled by bus and train to Dusseldorf Airport and then a flight to JFK, New York. The NS International App is very useful for booking bus and train tickets, you don’t need paper tickets, it is also cheaper than buying tickets at the station. You can also book online or by phone, a word of warning, prices are not fixed, the system uses “Demand Pricing” on some routes similar to the Airlines and prices change from one day to the next depending on time and date of departure. Clearing your browser cache and cookies between enquiries can help get you a better price with these systems.

First stop was to see the One World tower which has finally been completed but there is still a lot of construction going on around it. First attempt it was crowded and there was a queue a mile long so I decided to book online for the next day, the only tickets available were Priority tickets (more expensive). But when I arrived at the Tower the following day there was no crowds or queue at all so why were there only Priority tickets available looks like a scam. Probably the best way would be to turn up on the day and if it is crowded, use your phone to check the online booking system and then only book your ticket.

China Town

Walk across Brooklyn Bridge

I discovered Williamsburg in Brooklyn, get off at the Bedford Avenue Station on the L line and walk towards the river.

NYC Walkabout


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3 Responses to USA, New York, 21 – 26 October 2016

  1. Helen Jones says:

    Some great pics Chris, along with useful info. Good to see how the rebuilt area looks now. And looks like you enjoyed fab weather for the time of year. Great! 😀 H xx

  2. Always a pleasure to see NYC through a friend’s eyes! Glad to see you changed the date of the post – for a moment there, I was wondering if this was a post about the future… 🙂

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