South Korea, Seoul, 17 – 26 August 2016

I flew from Vladivostok to Seoul.

Seoul – a big city, the greater Seoul area has a population of 25 million, modern, clean and organised, with a comprehensive public transport system. All signs and announcements  have an English version making it very easy to navigate. Birthplace of K-pop and Korean Soap Operas popular around the world. The people are friendly and if you look lost someone will stop and offer to help. A SIM card for one month costs WON 30,000, I did not bother to get one as Wifi is available everywhere.

I got my Mongolian Visa here, visited friends and one or two craft breweries which are becoming popular. There is a huge variety of food available from street vendors to expensive restaurants and everything in-between.

There is a special Airport train (AREX) that travels between Incheon and Seoul, takes about an hour, one non-stop and one with stops. Get a T-Money card at one of the ticket vending machines at the station and recharge it, you have to use cash the machines do not accept credit cards. A single ride costs WON 1,250 with the card and it can be used on trains and buses and to pay for taxis.

Yeouido Hangang Park, Itaewon and Changgyeonggung Palace

Day trip to Korea Craft Brewery

Deoksugung Palace, Lee Jung Seob Special Exhibition, Cheonggyecheon Stream

Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul City Wall and Times Square

Myeong-dong Cathedral, Seokchon-dong Tombs, Lotte World Mall and Olympic Park

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2 Responses to South Korea, Seoul, 17 – 26 August 2016

  1. Helen Jones says:

    This looks wonderful, plenty history. Great pics! Thank you for sharing your story. 😀 H xx

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