Russia, Cheboksary, 27 June 2016

I left Moscow at 0620 to avoid its infamous traffic jams, wet roads no traffic, missed a turn and had to go around the block, took about 40 min to leave the traffic lights behind. 4 lane road for 175 km and quite busy then a short bit of 2 lane road and back onto 4 lanes not so busy, then suddenly at 435 kms the 4 lanes ends and a narrow rutted road appears for 20 km fun ride and then 2 to 3 lanes and a few short stretches of 4 lanes, condition of roads not very good now, police cars at regular intervals stopping cars at random (not for speeding) stopped for fuel twice amazing consumption 24 kpl due to low speeds. Then just out of Cheboksary got pulled up by a cop at 1525 opposite the police station, had to go inside and sit down at a woman police officers desk, gave her all my documents and passport wondering what I had done wrong, she could not speak a word of English but was very friendly, recorded all my details and the bikes in a register, went through my whole passport, amazed at all the stamps she called a friend who spoke English and I had a chat with her about my travels, finally got going again at 1555. Short ride to the Hotel last bit dirt roads in poor condition arrived at 1625, 675 km in 10:05 hours, many fuel stations along the way. Best ride since the Isle of Man 🙂


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