Russia, St.Petersburg, 21 July 2016

St.Petersburg – population 5 million, it was the capital of Russia until 1918. In 1914, the name was changed from Saint Petersburg to Petrograd, in 1924 to Leningrad and in 1991 back to Saint Petersburg. It is the most westernised city in Russia and its cultural capital.

Peter and Paul Fortress built in 1703 on an island in the Neva river to defend against an attack by Sweden never saw a shot fired in anger. Now it houses a number of Museums and a Church.

You can buy a combined ticket for RUB 600 to visit 5 locations.

Museum of Space Exploration and Rocket Technology

History of the Fortress Museum

Commandant’s House Museum

The Trubetskoy Bastion Prison – held many famous political prisnors.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood and the Horse Bridge

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