United Kingdom, Isle of Man, 19-21 June 2016

From Hastings I rode to Heysham and got the ferry to Douglas on the Isle of Man to ride the legendary Snaefell Mountain Course, a bucket list ride for all motorcyclists. This island is a Crown Dependancy with a population of 850,000 and it was a part of Norway until 1266. Beautiful and unspoilt best describes it except when the TT is on…

It is probably best known for the annual TT motorcycle races which are held along the island’s roads. The Mountain Course is 60.73 km long and the current lap record is 16:54 minutes held by Michael Dunlop at an average speed of 215 kph, it took me an hour to get around it  and that was scary hahaha, top speed along the Sulby Straight is 331 kph.

Hastings to Ballassalla on the Isle of Mann

Lots of historical places to visit on the Island, first stop Castle Rushen in Castletown entry £6 but I bought a £20 pass instead which gives me admission to all the National Heritage Sites.

The Sound, House of Manannan and Peel castle, beautiful countryside, blue skies and no traffic, couldn’t ask for more.

Point Ayre, the northern part of the Island, Laxey Wheel and Tynwald Hill

The Mountain Course, watch this VIDEO

Manx Museum, Douglas and The Grove

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4 Responses to United Kingdom, Isle of Man, 19-21 June 2016

  1. Lovely picture story, as always, dear Chris! I hope you will enjoy this holiday, and we look forward to seeing you on our continent as well in the not-too-distant future! Much love.

  2. Al Borg says:

    Great photos Chris – especially the 300 of the mountain course. But no the scenery looks amazing and thanks for sharing.



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