South Korea, Jeju Island and B.I.F.F., 30 September – 04 October 2015

Jeju Island is a self-governing province located in the Korea Strait between Korea and Japan, population 600,000 plus about a million tourists. People from most countries do not need a visa to visit this island even if they need a visa for South Korea, as a result it is very popular with the Chinese.

It is a volcanic island with a huge dormant volcano (Mt.Halla) in the centre and hundreds of smaller cones scattered around the island. The people have their own language and culture and society is matriarchal with the woman being the head of the family especially among the  haenyeo (sea women) divers.

Seomyeon, Busan on the way to the airport for the 1 hour flight to Jeju Island.

Uneventful flight to Jeju, landed in pouring rain that continued into the next day.

Dongmung Market

Haenyeo Museum,  Seongsan Crater Park,  Bijarim Nutmeg forest

Kim Yeung-gap Gallery,  Yeongsil Trail Mt. Halla,  Iho Tewoo beach

Jalgachi Waterfront Market, Lotte Mall Sky Park

B.I.F.F. Busan International Film Festival


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