France, Nantes, 30 July – 01 August 2015

I rode to Nantes from Caen via Mont Saint-Michel hoping to have a quick look around the island but alas so did about a million other people. You have to leave your vehicle in a car park miles away and take a shuttle. There was a long queue of cars so I took a photo and carried on, don’t visit Mont Saint-Michel during the school holidays.

Nantes (pronounced Nont), population 900,000, situated on the banks of the Loire river. It used to be a major trading and slave port once upon a time.

The Castle and Peter and Paul Cathedral

Les Machines – weird and wonderful creations

Notre-Dame Nantes

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  1. You’re everywhere I want to be! 😁

    Regards, Simmi D. Isaac (Sent from my iPhone)


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