Jordan, Amman, 07 – 10 May 2015

I flew EgyptAir from Luxor to Cairo and then to Amman, Jordan, two short flights. You can buy a Visa on Arrival cost JD40 (USD$57) at the Immigration Counter and pay for it with your credit card right there. I did not know this and withdrew money from an ATM, which I had to do anyway, there is a JD5 (USD$7) ATM fee in Jordan. There are money changers in this area as well. Amman Airport is about 40 km from the city and the taxi fare is Jordanian Dinar JD25 (USD$35) or you can get the Airport bus which is only JD1.50 plus 0.25 per suitcase (according to the airport website) and then a taxi to your hotel. Taxis are fairly cheap and have meters. I now have to advance the time 1 hour, that’s because Egypt is on the same time as Amsterdam, while Jordan is on Middle East time.

Amman, population 4 million, relatively clean, no visible pollution, good roads. The area is very hilly therefore you are always either walking up or down a hill hahaha good exercise. Tourism is one of Jordan’s main sources of income, they do not have any oil.

I bought a SIM card, used the taxi drivers ID to register it as I did not have my passport, Zain network, 3000 Zain min, 60 other min and 60 SMS plus 1GB data for JD10.50 about USD$15.

The Citadel (entry JD2) is on top of a hill and has been inhabited since 10,000 BC, the most notable features are a couple of pillars leftover from the Temple of Hercules, a small museum and the rest is mainly in ruins.


Roman Theatre, having seen about 300 of these things scattered all over Europe I did not go in, just took a picture from the street.

Rainbow Street, where its all happening is on top of a hill.

I hired a taxi for a tour of the Dead Sea area cost JD50 plus a JD5 tip, we left at 0830 and returned at 1430, 6 hours. Sites visited Madaba, Mt.Nebo, Dead Sea and Bethany.

Greek Orthodox Church, Madaba (entry JD1), famous for its mosaics.


Mount Nebo (entry JD1), Moses is buried somewhere around here.

Dead Sea, 350m below sea level, took some pictures from a viewpoint and moved on, apparently to go for a swim you have to use a private beach which costs JD20.


Bethany (entry JD12), where Jesus was thought to have been baptised by John. The Jordan river has changed course in the last 2000 years and the original baptism site is about 300m east of where the river currently flows. This site covers a large area, a minibus takes you to a certain point and after that it’s a 500m walk to the original Baptism site and then another 300m to the Jordan river. The river itself is not very wide and Israel is on the other side which looks well developed for tourism, with many pilgrims taking a dip in the water.

Jordan Museum (entry JD5), this is a new museum, modern and well laid out, focusing on the Nabataean Culture.


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  1. Al Borg says:

    Good to see you in one of the photos Chris

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    The Mid-East tour continues… vicariously, of course…!

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