Egypt, Aswan, 01 – 03 May 2015

I flew from Cairo to Aswan by EgyptAir, USD$68 and 1.5 hours booked through the EgyptAir website, taxi from my hotel near Tahrir Square to the Airport cost LE70. The alterative is a night sleeper train that takes 12 hours and costs $120. They will not sell a foreigner a ticket for any of the day trains (too dangerous) but apparently you can get a local person to buy one for you. Taxi from Aswan airport to the town is about LE75.

I hired a car and driver for a tour of Aswan, cost LE300 for half a day, everything here is more expensive than Cairo.

Aswan Dam (entry LE30), completed in 1971, the reservoir is 500km long and covers an area of 6,000 square km, extending into Sudan.

Philae Temple (entry LE60 + LE85 for boat hire), is on an island and was also relocated.

Unfinished Obelisk (entry LE40), intended to be the biggest, abandoned because it cracked, gives you an insight into how they were constructed.

Nile Cruise, Kitchener Island or Aswan Botanical Gardens (entry E20), created by an Englishman and donated to the City, you can hire a boat for LE70 per hour to visit the Island.

The main reason for coming to Aswan is to visit the Abu Simbel Temple complex situated 280 km south of Aswan near the border with Sudan. These two temples were moved here from another location which is now underwater as a result of the Aswan Dam being built, the dismantling and reconstruction is an amazing feat in itself.
You have to travel to this place in a convoy, the first convoy is for Public vehicles, buses etc, this is the big convoy, leaves at 0400, takes 3 hours to get there, you get 2 hours to look around and then 3 hours back. The second convoy which is for Private vehicles leaves at 1100 and returns at 1900. I hired a car and driver for USD$110 and went in the second convoy which turned out to be my car and one other minibus with Chinese tourists. We were the lead car so I had a policeman with a machinegun in the back seat, he slept most of the way and as we were travelling at 120 kph the minivan could not keep up and arrived about 20 minutes after us so it was not much of a convoy hahaha.

No photos allowed inside the Temples until you tip the guy LE25

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