Turkey, Bursa, 04 – 06 January 2015

I planned to travel from Istanbul to Bursa by ferry and bus, this is the recommended and usual route. Ferry from Kabatas Budo terminal to Mudanya and then a bus to Bursa. When I arrived at the Ferry terminal they said all the ferries had been canceled due to bad weather, after some research I decided to take the ferry across the strait to Uskudar, 15 min and 2 lira, taxi from there to the Harem bus terminal 10 lira and then a bus to Bursa 30 lira, the next bus was at 1500 hours and involved a short ferry crossing where you can stay on the bus, total journey time 3 hours.

Bursa was the original capital of Turkey and is famous for its Iskender (Alexander) Kebab, Kestane Sekeri (candied chestnuts), a couple of old mosques and tombs and Cumalikizik the 700 year old Ottoman village about 11 km east of the city.



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3 Responses to Turkey, Bursa, 04 – 06 January 2015

  1. Brigitte en Ton says:


  2. Fantastic! I so very much wish to go to all these places in Turkey! Those sikandari kebabs, how were they? 🙂

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