Morocco, Merzouga, 5 – 6 December 2014

I booked a 4×4 and driver, 100 euro for 4.5 hours, cheaper if you have someone to share the cost with and went on a tour of the dunes and surrounding area and had lunch at a Berber camp. This included getting lost a few times, impossible to tell where you are in the dunes and the riverbed and finding a way through the mess without getting bogged permanently.


Step by step Berber sandwich

I next very stupidly paid 50 euro to ride on a camel for 1.5 hours to a desert camp and spend the night in freezing temperatures in a tent and ride the same poor camel back home.

After about 15 minutes on the camel it felt like I was sitting on rocks and after 30 minutes they felt like very sharp rocks and only another hour to go and the return journey at the crack of dawn did not bear thinking about. Finally we get to the camp and the camel sits down nearly throwing me over its head in the process and I get off and fall down with both my hips dislocated hahaha, you have been warned. I am still suffering.

On a sad note one of the camels collapsed overnight and could not get up the next morning so one of the four young Italian guys with me had to walk back 4.8 km.


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