Morrocco, Essaouira, 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2014

Essaouira a smaller place on the coast, nicer than the cities, people are friendly and not as pushy but the Medinas and Souks are starting to blur, when all’s said and done they are much of a muchness.

The ride was wet with roads flooded, bridges washed away and I had to make a detour when police blocked the road, the guy only spoke French no idea what he was saying but probably a bridge down. The rain continued, heavy at night intermittent showers during the day.

Apparently the rains were late this year and people were praying for rain, now they are praying for it to stop, no pleasing some hahaha.


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4 Responses to Morrocco, Essaouira, 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2014

  1. smileybiker says:

    Glad all is ok and that you have found less pressired places that you can enjoy. Are ypu tenting in the rain?, I wonder? All part of the adventure. Great food isn’t it? Uk has now gone a further few degrees colder. Today I bought my xmas tree, it’s being delivered on Thursday. Great piccies! 😀 Tara for now, Luvnstuff, H xx

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  2. Lilly Isaac says:

    belated birthday wishes and Gods blessings For the coming years to come

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