Morocco, Chefchaouen, 19 – 20 November 2014

From Algeciras I took a ferry to Ceuta which is a Spanish territory in Morocco. You don’t have to buy a ferry ticket in advance as there are ferries leaving at least every hour all day and the journey takes 1:15 hrs. Follow the signs to the main ferry terminal, buy your ticket, mine came to E66 including the bike, then follow the signs that say Ceuta Con Billete (Ceuta with ticket) to the ferry check-in and boarding. I got to the terminal building at 0915 and left on the 0930 ferry, very simple and easy, the ferry was not even half full.

A short ride to the border, the Spanish guys just wave you through. After that its absolute chaos with cars and people screaming and pushing not sure what was going on, being on a bike I just threaded my way through to the front. Then Morocco Immigration where you stop at a booth and don’t get off your bike, the guy gives you a form to fill in, it takes 2 minutes he stamps your passport and ride on to Customs. I acquired a couple of helpers along the way dressed in brown robes with ID’s around their necks, they both spoke good English, thought they were officials at first but they are just out to make a buck by doing all the running around for you and telling you what to do. Next fill in a Green customs form for the bike and wait for the guy in the booth to enter the details into the system, then get it stamped by two other guys wandering around and you are out. Now go to the insurance booth and buy insurance, I bought 1 month for 950 dirham which according to the guys exchange rate worked out to E95. Ten days insurance costs 650 dirham. Next tip the helpers E10 each, avoid crashing into the million waiting taxis and out of there.

The ride from Ceuta to Chefchaouen is about 100 km and it took 2 hours. The first bit was along the coast with hundreds of hotels and resorts lining the road, it must be a complete mad house in summer. After that into the mountains on a narrow, winding, bumpy road with some very slow traffic, speeds under 40 kph, cool weather, overall a good ride.

Chefchaouen is the town where all the buildings in the old town are painted blue. Its an absolute rabbit warren of narrow steeply sloping alley ways with many stairways, all packed with shops, impossible to know where you are, I got lost did a complete circle and finished up where I started hahaha.


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