Spain – Cordoba, Granada, Sevilla, 01 – 09 November 2014

From Ronda I rode to Cordoba, out of the mountains and back into the plains, though I don’t think there is such a thing as a plain in Spain, flat straight roads do not exist making it a motorcycling paradise.

Cordoba, 1 – 3 November 2014

Quite a large old town with the usual narrow winding streets, motorcycles can park anywhere in Spain so I parked right in front of my hotel on the footpath in the heart of the city. The most unusual feature was the Cathedral which looks more like a mosque on the inside because apparently that’s what it was in one of its previous incarnations.

From Cordoba back into the mountains to Granada and a serious drop in temperatures down to 7c during the day, “muy frio” as the locals would say hahaha. The backdrop to the town is the Sierra Nevada mountain range and you can see the snow on them waiting for the skiers. The best part was the Albaicin area, a maze of streets left over from the Moorish period. The Alhambra is a sprawling complex of palaces and gardens also from the Moorish period.

Granada, 4 – 6 November 2014

After Granada I rode back to Sevilla for a couple of days on the way to Lisbon, Portugal.


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