Spain, Madrid, 15 – 21 October 2014

Madrid, capital of Spain, population 6.5 million, altitude 650m, a big modern city, good public transport (5 day pass €26.80), lots of Monuments, Museums, Parks, Plazas, Buskers and a few Beggars. Perfect weather, around 25c during the day, cool at night and not a drop of rain.

The ride from Benicassim on the coast near Valencia to Madrid was 4 lanes most of the way and no tolls, not much traffic, hilly, cold and very windy with the road going up to 1000m at times.

Puerta del Sol or Gate of the Sun the place where tourists congregate. It is also  Kilometer Zero for all Spanish roads.

Plaza de Oriente located between the Opera and Palacio Real

Walk down Calle Mayor

Retiro park huge and and a nice place to stroll around

Prado Art Museum the Spanish Masters, no pictures allowed (€14)

I decided to visit an area located near a football stadium on Sunday not realising that there was a football match on, there was nearly a riot in the very small station with a few thousand fans piling up from trains and trying to get out and I was stuck in the middle hahaha.

Templo de Debod a BC temple donated by Egypt to Spain. the Palacio Real (€10) no photos inside and the Gran Via street


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2 Responses to Spain, Madrid, 15 – 21 October 2014

  1. mukeshprabhu says:

    Hey Chris,
    Hope you had Tapas at the bars in Spain !

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