Estonia, Tallinn, 17-19 September 2013

I left Riga after 0900 but it was still rush hour and courteous driving is less common as I travel north, 2 lane roads all the way to Tallinn, no freeways in either country. Flat countryside, mainly forests, overtaking happens anywhere anytime don’t worry about oncoming traffic hahaha, there was hardly any traffic mainly trucks, speed limit 90 kph with fixed radar at regular intervals. The border immigration buildings were abandoned slow down and ride straight through. Arrived in Tallinn and the roads in this city need some work, 316km, 4:40hrs.

Tallinn population 406,000, 38% of whom are Russians. There are over a million ethnic Russians in the Baltic States (Latvia 550k, Estonia 340k, Lithuania 175k), having declined from 1.7 million during the Russian occupation.

The Old town is well preserved and is still surrounded by some fairly massive walls largely intact with towers that have conical roofs. Most people speak some English and blonde hair is dominant.

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