Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, 16 July 2013

Blue skies and rush hour on the freeway leaving Belgrade, onto secondary roads very quickly which were good except for a few dodgy bits near the border, many small towns meant average speed was 60 kph, very little traffic. Serbian immigration scanned my passport did not exit stamp it and said “thank you”, Bosnia immigration guy was an ah could not speak English, said green card which is the bike insurance, then he said something else so I gave him the registration, he could not read either so he stamped my passport and gave them back to me and told me to hurry up with gestures, I was putting my helmet and gloves back on.

Straight into the mountains now climbing to 1275m and 14c, did not have my liners on but was having too much fun to bother with the cold, no traffic great ride, 310km in 5 hours. Descended into Sarajevo where the WWI started, its in a valley so the streets are narrow and very steep in places, heard the Mosque call to prayer for the first time since Brunei but no other signs of religion, women dress normally, alcohol is freely available and there was a Dogs Trust sign on a tram. It has a Mosque, Catholic church, Orthodox church and Jewish Synagogue within the same neighborhood. Lots of tourists wandering around and the few people I spoke to understood me. The altitude here is 560m and greater Sarajevo has a population of 650,000.

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