Croatia, Zagreb, 10-11 July 2013

Zagreb’s old town is split into the Lower town and the Upper town, lots of grand old buildings most of which are museums now, this was once a wealthy city. The lower town has some big parks and the Upper town had endless open air cafe’s and a church or two, markets, the parliament and many tourists including a few Korean and Japanese tour groups with their own guides. English is not as widely spoken.

After a day of wandering the Upper town you will be glad to get back to your desk at work to rest those aching knees and calf muscles, unfortunately I cannot afford that luxury.

The trams are modern and a convenient way to get around 12 kuna a ride about $2, there are also buses, no plastic you have to buy a ticket, they are available at kiosks and supermarkets everywhere. The trams of course only operate on the flat, no hills.

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3 Responses to Croatia, Zagreb, 10-11 July 2013

  1. Briton says:

    Hi Chris,

    Very nice!

    Are you married with beer or are these beers your twins? I never knew someone with that much love for all the foreign beers. You really want to know it, but since we met, I started looking more and more to all different beers.

    When you come back, I will blindfold you and than you must tell us where the beer comes from. I know I have time now to arrange the tastery ( I don’t know if it is the right word).

    Have a good night. Brigitte

  2. Roma says:

    Chris: For sharing your travel experiences, thanks. With all these and other travels to come, you would easily rank very high among the most traveled! What is your goal? Take care of your health.

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