Ireland to Netherlands, 22-27 June 2013

Loaded my bike up in a drizzle for the short ride to the ferry terminal from Belfast to Cairnryan in Scotland, booked online for $80, as usual everything went smoothly with the crossing rode onto the ferry at 1045 and off again at 1350, chatted to a couple of riders one 74 years old returning from touring Ireland.

Rode from Cairnryan to Edinburg and arrived in pouring rain to visit friends for a couple of days then rode from Edinburg to Harwich, 9 hours in fine and cold weather.

Harwich, UK to Hook of Holland is an overnight ferry cost $185 booked online, boarded at 2100 along with a whole heap of riders all going to Assen for the MotoGP, very nice cabin and restaurants etc and off the boat at 0800, had my passport stamped again as arriving in the EU, couple of hours later got to Veghel in the South of the Netherlands.

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