United Kingdom, Hastings, 5-12 June 2013

I rode from Veghel through Belgium to Calais in France and caught the ferry to Dover in the UK.

The ferry takes 1.5 hours and costs $40, book online and there is no need to print your ticket. Immigration asked me to take my helmet off asked a few questions and stamped my passport with a 6 month visa, next check-in to P&O Ferries and ride to the gate, the whole process is streamlined and very efficient and I did not even have to get off my bike. The ferry port is huge with car and truck ferries running day and night and there is the tunnel as well where you ride onto a train and ride off at the other end, it takes 35min and costs a bit more. From Dover I rode to Hastings where I spent a few days with a friend and visited a few others. I also visited a few bike shops, it is possible to buy a bike in the UK as long as I have a local address which could be a friend’s, all I have to do is arrange my own insurance.

The weather so far has been un-seasonally cold and wet much to the locals disappointment but I am getting used to it hahaha.

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2 Responses to United Kingdom, Hastings, 5-12 June 2013

  1. Always happy to see your picture stories! Glad you are enjoying Europe again. Here’s hoping you still remember old friends from across the pond! (my previous comments here have gone unanswered which is why I have said that!) Continued happy trails!

    • desmonc says:

      Thank you Simmi, there are about 30 countries in Eastern Europe that I have not visited, not sure how far I will get this year, to be continued next year so not sure about the US, if I come it will have to be in the cold months maybe I can hire a car, too far away at the moment to make any plans.

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