Netherlands, Veghel, 19 May – 4 June 2013

I arrived here with the intention of buying a motorcycle and using it to travel in Europe for a year or two but soon found out that only residents can own a motor vehicle in the Netherlands. After some discussion with the bike shop I finished up hiring a new BMW F700 GS with comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover for 4 months, June to September for 2,500 euro. They took a few days to find panniers, top box and a windscreen, there is a shortage at BMW, finally got going on the 5th of June. In the meantime I caught up with friends, sampled the local brews, ordered some bits and pieces and went on a few short rides to become familiar with the bike.

The guy to see about a bike is Wiecher Joosse at

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  1. Firhad Cariapa says:

    Hi, Annie and I are going to Amsterdam on the 8 will be there for 4 days then 4 days in Paris then I will spend a week in la hutte in France with a friend while she goes to Germany for a course then i’ll meet her in Austria for 5 days and back home

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