Guatemala, Guatemala City, 3 Dec 2011

I hired a taxi and guide and made a half day trip to Guatemala City, 1 hour to go, 3 hours sight-seeing and an hour’s drive back, not a lot to see, first we went to the Museum, small, a few Archeaological artifacts, next to the Avenida of the Americas where various Nations have built small monuments, then to an exclusive gated community where the billionaires live under heavy security, we were only allowed in after the guide showed his official Guide Pass, then to the Main plaza small, to see the National Palace (not allowed in) and the Cathedral, then a drive to have a look at the hillside slums from a distance where the Police are not allowed in controlled by the Gangs, this is a major drug corridor.

That night there were Christmas celebrations in the Antigua Park, fireworks, bands, childrens choir etc. my last day in Antigua.

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2 Responses to Guatemala, Guatemala City, 3 Dec 2011

  1. FANtastico! Very vibrant town and architectural delights. Didn’t get the reference for the beer. Looks like the kind that you like. Loved the Antigua masks and the jewelry made to order. What were the fireworks for? Happy riding, shooting photos, and blogging!

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