USA and Canada, 05 July – 23 September 2010

The main goal of this trip was to ride to Deadhorse on the Beaufort Sea. The Alaskan Oil pipe line starts here and follows the Dalton Highway, 800 kms of mostly dirt road north of Fairbanks, Alaska. Something which I failed to do in 2008 due to problems with my bike and inadequate riding gear.

USA 2008-11


Alaska 2008-10

1. Universal Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA

2. Temecula, California to Fallon, Nevada, USA

3. Fallon, Nevada to Riggins, Idaho, USA

4. Riggins, Idaho to Ferni, British Columbia, Canada

5. Fernie to Edmonton, British Columbia, Canada

6. Edmonton Mall, British Columbia, Canada

7. Fort Saint John, British Columbia to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada

8. Watson Lake to Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, Canada

9. Haines Junction to Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

10. Fairbanks to Wiseman, Alaska, USA

11. Wiseman to Deadhorse, Alaska, USA

12. Deadhorse to Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

13. Fairbanks to Anchorage, Alaska, USA

14. Anchorage Museum and Walkabout

15. Anchorage to Haines Junction, Canada

16. Haines Junction to Fort Nelson, Canada

17. Fort Nelson to Prince George, Canada

18. Prince George to Strathmore, Canada

19. Broadview, Saskatchewan, Canada to Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA

20. Grand Rapids to Seney, Michigan, USA

21. Seney to Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

22. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

23. Montreal to Windsor, Vermont, USA

24. New York, USA

25. United Nations, New York, USA

26. Washington DC, USA

27. Blue Ridge Parkway, USA

28. OU vs AFA Football game, Oklahoma City, USA

The End.





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